Hi I'm Fuz.

I'm just your average artist striving to motivate and inspire myself. I rarely reblog so most of my posts are bad ipad photos of my art or my own personal mind vomit....

I got caught up with some of the Nightcrawler comics that I bought last week. Specifically a 4 piece series from 1985 by Dave Cockrum.

I couldn’t resist posting some of my favourite panels (and advertisement) from them since this series was a little ridiculous but extremely amusing.

These are from issue one.

It was my sister in law’s birthday yesterday. As a last minute gift I made a small portrait of their newest dog Dixie. Those two already have a lot of pug themed things in their house, due to their other dog Deli, so I this would be a nice change.

I went through so many trial sketches….. Dogs are hard to draw!

Okay so let’s begin with the fact that I don’t post art online anymore, and the fact that I miss it. Then let’s decide that I am an extremely lazy person.
So we must conclude that:
A. This blog may become active again
B. it’s going to be full of subpar iPad photos of my art and some reblogs.

The first image is fanart of the amazing Villi who was created by spoonface. Aaannd I don’t know how to make links.


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we all have those things that fill our body and mind with pure raw inspiration, things that make you feel like you are a child again filling you with the simple bliss of awe…. things that  throw you into a perpetual state of excitement and buzzing energy.
To some, those things are fine art exhibited within a museum, to others it is getting lost within the pages of a book… and then there are those who harvest these emotions from the simplicity of our earth… from the ever growing plants symbolizing life to the barren bone of past souls representing the inevitable death.  
We all have those few things that drive our inspirations and this little bench full of bone and greenery is mine. 
Though i left quite a few essential skulls and pieces out of this photo, it gives you a peek to the driving source of all that i do. 
These are my personal favorite pieces within our growing collection. 

This post was made with the hopes of others sharing what inspires them…im sure i am not the only one who would love to see!!!
 i know there are many creative souls out there… why not share what drives your inspiration     : )